Our Community, Mission, and Vision

Orange-butterfly-in-the-grass-Cullen-Park-Houston-Texas-Fall-2012South Park is a broad post-World War II development in the south-central area of HoustonTexas, a few miles south of MacGregor Park (from which it gets its name) and directly south of the 610 Loop. According to the 2000 Census, the community has a population of 22,282. 81% of the South Park population is predominately African American, compared to 25% for the city as a whole. Houston’s Martin Luther King Boulevard runs through the area. The mission of SCCDC is to improve the economic, educational and social livelihood of the SE community of Houston through individual empowerment, job training and workforce development, and partnerships both public and private. We envision a thriving and flourishing community in SE Houston that is self-sustaining and empowered to have access to and utilize all social, economic and educational opportunities.